If you are a driving enthusiast, you also love to go on long drives frequently, or you may also be passionate about adventurous driving. In all cases, you already know the importance of car accessories like the 4K dash cam.

Driving is a daily task. We drive to our daily destinations, such as the office, college, or elsewhere. On a daily basis, we face an array of issues while driving. Sometimes people make false claims about others. In such cases, we require an eyewitness to back up our claims. The Vezo 360 is the most adaptable car accessory. Vezo 360 4K dash cam manages your claims and records in 360-degree view.

If you are a driving enthusiast and long drives are your passion or driving is your daily activity, this blog is for you. In this blog, we will examine the situation where V├ęzo 360 will have your back.

What is 360 dash cam?

Dash means dashboard; cam means camera. A 360-degree dash cam is a small dashboard camera that records your journey from every angle. Dash cams are an essential car accessory for the following reasons:

  • It records your travels.
  • helps with insurance claims.
  • Act as an eyewitness.
  • evidence in hand.

There are several other extraordinary features of 4K dash cam that only modern built-in dash cams, such as the Vezo 360, deliver. Vezo 360 provides features that are truly important in every situation.

Features for driving enthusiasts

Live streaming

Live streaming is an example of how dash camera for cars is not limited to recording only. With this feature, you can share your travels in a 360-degree view on social media platforms, which means you can easily share your favorite routes live on any social platform through the Vezo 360 mobile application.

360-degree view recording

One of the advanced features of the modern camera for cars is 360-degree recording. With a 360-degree view, you can record in and out of the windshield, which means you can record your route while recording yourself.

Also, losing internet connection on long routes is common. In such a situation, you can save recordings of your favorite route in a 360-degree view and easily share them whenever you want with an advanced dash camera for cars.

Parking mode

Parking mode simply means your vehicle is safe with a car security camera even when you are not around. While discovering new places, we use cars. What will happen if you leave your car at work for eight hours? While you are sleeping at night when your automobile is parked, or if you fail to lock the door? Or perhaps you left it there while shopping for the holidays in the mall parking lot.

The Vezo 360 car security camera not only documents crimes but also works to prevent them from happening in the first place. The bright LED ring lighting on the front is constantly on and is visible from all angles from the outside.

You can easily put your dash cam in parking mode, and the rest will follow. If there is any motion around the vehicle in parking mode, the recording will start. As a result, the Vezo 360 dash cam will alert you via the Vezo 360 mobile application if anyone tries to approach the car.

AI alerts for sleep prevention

AI is the future. AI in-built into the Vezo 360 dash camera as a sleep prevention alarm. The most remarkable feature is that it uses smart face recognition to detect when you yawn or start nodding off. Driving while sleepy is one of the leading causes of accidents. Alarms will sound if this occurs. Additionally, a 360-degree automatic camera guards against accidents. It gives you the assurance that you should get some rest. The Vezo 360 car security camera can help you drive more cautiously and sensibly.

  • Drowsiness detection
  • Sounds alarm
  • Practical on long and exhausting routes
  • A 360-degree dash camera protects you from mishaps.

Insurance claim

When you install a 360 cam car in your car, you can record incidents or accidents to support your insurance claim. Insurance companies won’t pay out on a fake claim, so this is a way to present your side.

Insurance firms do not view you as true with regard to matters where you are without fault. Insurance claims in these circumstances can be challenging, but not if you have a Vezo 360 dash cam for vehicles to support your case.

Having a 360 cam car in your automobile can be beneficial financially. For instance, because they understand its preventative nature, some insurance companies will give you a discount if you mention having a 360 dash cam installed in your car.


In this blog, we have discussed the dash cam and how the Vezo 360 is the best dash cam for the driving enthusiast. Whether you love to go for long drives or use vehicles for daily travel, a 360-degree dash cam is the best car accessory to have. With advanced features like parking mode, mobile applications, AI sleep prevention, and more, the Vezo 360 cam car is an ideal accessory to have.