About Us

ArVizon is a hardware company which produces smart automotive solutions. Our team of engineers and developers have a shared passion for breaking new ground in the automotive industry. We created Vezo 360 to make a versatile dash cam that brings both security and enjoyment to people’s lives.

Vezo 360 is all about disruption of smart dash cam segment globally. Our product has many innovative features which are not available in the existing market – all for making driving safe and pleasurable. This product is the perfect example of technology used for a better future.

Revolutionary Products

We use knowledge, technology, and state-of-the-art infrastructure to create revolutionary products.

Affordable Technology

We create solutions for the masses because we seriously believe that technology should be for everyone.

Enabling Growth

All our products are crafted keeping in mind the innate need of human species to grow. Our technology enables growth.

Developing technology and using it wisely is what we do best. Our team works hard to craft innovative solutions that have potential to take the human efficiency to the next level. All our efforts have just one goal which is to create affordable products for everyone.

We believe that technology should serve a constructive purpose. It should aid the humanity in ways that were never thought of before. That’s the sole reason we develop products which solve complex human problems, often ignored by all. Technology should solve problems and it should also be affordable. In our opinion, sustainable technology solutions will shape the future.

This core philosophy motivated us to create Vezo 360 Smart Dash Cam. It is a product like no other and perhaps the most feature rich car dash cam that has hit the market till date. A really complex piece of technology, simplified for making driving safer.

Vezo 360

Vezo 360 is a dual-lens 4K dash cam which records in and around your entire car in 360 degrees. It supports AI machine learning to alert drivers before they fall asleep and is ultra-connected with 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cloud storage. Vezo 360 is truly the world’s smartest dash cam.