About ArVizon

We are a youthful team of engineers and developers with a passion for creating smart automotive solutions like the Vezo 360 Car Dash Cam. We love crafting solutions that can serve a larger cross-section of society. Creating products that are technologically unique, yet affordable is what we always try to deliver.

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Vezo 360

A smart car dash cam powered by AI. The Vezo 360 dash camera is not just a car dash cam but it’s like having a personal driving assistant and more. It’s smart enough to detect when you are sleepy. It even acts like a watchdog for your car when you are away. Loaded with features, this dual facing dash cam is all set to pave the way for a safer drive.

Vezo 360 Enterprise

Vezo 360 dual dash cam has all the features of regular 360 dash cam plus much more. Be in control of your entire fleet. Always be aware of your fleet’s activities, and, that too, in real-time. Monitoring your entire fleet was never more easier and convenient.

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