New driver? Congratulations! We’re thrilled to have you with us! Driving is exciting and terrifying at the same time. We came up with a comprehensive new driver’s manual so you can refer to it whenever you feel like you need some guidance. Here you will find our top driving recommendations for newbies. Before you go on the road, we have put together a guide that explains all you need to know. So grab a seatbelt and go for it!

Tips for New Drivers

Traffic laws come first in all situations

Before you leave, make sure you are familiar with the traffic laws in your state. First and foremost, fasten your seatbelt, and make sure all other passengers are doing the same. Other guidelines to bear in mind include passing on the left, stopping at stop signs, and even just giving the car in front of you some room. If you want to drive outside of your state, it can be worthwhile to check to see if the laws differ. You might be able to turn right at a red light in some areas, but in others, doing so could get you a parking charge. In general, be careful and wise behind the wheel!

Always obey the road signs

It is crucial to pay close attention to traffic signs. How fast can I travel? Can I stop here? Have I got the right-of-way? Is this a zone for schools? If you comprehend and pay attention to your road signs, you can get the answers to all of these questions. Even though it might seem obvious, it’s crucial to remain attentive in this situation.

Understand your vehicle well

Cars are not all designed equally. This is an essential piece of advice for new drivers. Before you start a journey in a new vehicle, make sure you are familiar with the vehicle. You may not be aware of where the turn signals are or where the lights are. You might even be aware that this is a stick-shift car, and you have no experience driving one. The most important thing in this situation is to pay attention and take some time to assess your surroundings before starting the car.

Ensure the passengers’ safety

Make sure you and your passengers are safe at all times. Driving can be dangerous, as we are aware and have been cautioned. So fasten your seatbelt and focus on the road. It’s crucial that you drive defensively and safely, adhering to all traffic laws. This entails driving at the appropriate speed, checking your rearview mirrors, and ensuring that your passengers are also following the law.

Before starting the car, adjust each mirror

Before you get behind the wheel, make sure your mirrors are in order. No matter if you drive alone or with a passenger, it’s a good idea to adapt before a trip. Make sure your seat is in the proper position, check all of the mirrors, and check your physical condition to see everything you need to see on the road. 

Ensure that everyone is wearing a seatbelt

This revised driver’s manual is intended for new drivers who are adults and teenagers. In either case, keep in mind that you are in charge while you are the driver. Look around before you start, and tell everyone to fasten their seatbelts. You now bear accountability for it.

Don’t speed up when driving

Although driving fast might seem exciting, it is important to adhere to posted speed limits. The less time you have to brake, the greater the impact, and the faster you are going. Just make sure you are adhering to the speed limit because teenage drivers are more likely to speed than other categories of drivers.

Always keep a safety kit nearby

In an emergency, keeping a safety kit close by can be lifesaving. It’s crucial to always have a spare tire, a flashlight, and first aid materials on hand in case of an accident.

Maintain the “9 & 3 O’clock” position on the steering wheel

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) used to always advise putting your hands in the positions of 10 and 2 but recently changed its advice to 9 and 3. This will prevent your hands from getting in the way if the airbags need to go off.

Never drive when exhausted

Without highlighting the significance of concentrated driving, we would not be able to design a new driver’s manual. Stay at home and put off going out until later if you are too sleepy to drive. Make sure you are awake for your morning commute because you must be attentive while driving.

Only drive when you are sober

According to the NHTSA, 32 people in the US die every day as a result of drunk driving. This is absolutely avoidable and serious. New drivers should be informed that it is never advisable to drive after drinking. It’s also your responsibility to let others know they shouldn’t drive after drinking. 

Avoid using your phone while driving

For new drivers, this is a crucial one. We are all constantly on our phones these days. You must keep your attention on the road when you are driving a vehicle. Place your phone in your bag or the trunk of your vehicle. Do whatever is necessary to keep your attention on the road and away from your phone.

Don’t mess around with the infotainment system

There may be more distractions as cars become more technologically advanced. Another interaction to avoid when driving is this one. Whether it’s your Spotify app or Google Maps, try to stay focused on the road and limit your distractions. Although it could be tempting, keep your attention on the road!

Improve parking skills

We wanted to offer some parking advice for new drivers because this is a hard one. First of all, keep calm. When it comes to parallel or reverse parking, be sure you’ve practiced and are at ease. Another tip is to avoid parking next to someone who is in their car because this might give new drivers a significant amount of stress. Additionally, keep in mind that you must understand parking signs. 

Don’t forget to add a 360 dash camera

If you get into an accident, it’s simple to lay the blame on you as a novice driver. We always advise new drivers to install a 360 dashboard camera because it’s crucial to driving safely and cautiously. When you get in the car, the dashcam will instantly begin recording and capture your whole drive. The Vezo 360 dash cameras have a variety of intelligent functions, including parking mode, free and unlimited cloud storage, accident detection, and AI features. This dash cam will aid in your safe driving as a new driver.


These are the driving safety recommendations we have for you in this article. The main lessons to be learned from this are to always be patient, follow the regulations (and remember them), and always prepare for your trip in advance. Be careful out there! Thank you for visiting! We hope you learned something new about defensive driving techniques. Overall, we advise you to practice, install a Vezo 360, and pay close attention to the road.