Welcome to the Vezo 360 Gallery, where your captured memories come to life! Follow this step-by-step guide to navigate through the various options and unleash the full potential of your Vezo 360 phone application:

1️⃣ Launch the Vezo 360 Phone Application: Open the Vezo 360 app on your smartphone and ensure it is connected to your Vezo 360 device.

2️⃣ Live View Screen: Once the app is open, you’ll find yourself on the Live View screen. Look for the Gallery tab, located at the bottom of the screen, and give it a tap.

3️⃣ Gallery Drop-Down Menu: On the Gallery screen, you’ll notice a drop-down menu at the top. Tap on it to reveal three enticing options: Local, Vezo 360, and Cloud.

4️⃣ Local Storage: The Local option allows you to access videos and photos stored directly on your phone. Even if your device isn’t connected to the Vezo 360, you can still view and relish these cherished moments.

5️⃣ Vezo 360 Storage: Selecting the Vezo 360 option grants you access to videos and photos stored on the device itself. Relive your exciting journeys directly from the Vezo 360 memory.

6️⃣ Cloud Storage: The Cloud option unlocks a world of convenience. By tapping on it, you can connect and download videos from the cloud storage. It’s worth noting that downloading videos from the cloud is recommended using a WIFI connection to ensure a smooth experience.

🌐 Bonus Tip: Keep in mind that the Local and Cloud sections remain accessible even when your device isn’t connected to the Vezo 360. So, you can enjoy your stored memories anytime, anywhere!

Local Gallery

Step 1: Open the Vezo 360 App

Launch the Vezo 360 app on your device to access the Local section in the Gallery. Prepare to dive into a world of stunning visuals and powerful recordings.

Step 2: Normal Tab – Unveiling Your Driving Journey

Explore the Normal tab, where your extraordinary driving moments come to life. Find a collection of videos and snapshots exported from your Vezo 360. These captivating visuals will transport you back to your most memorable adventures.

Step 3: Emergency Tab – Safety Unveiled

Navigate to the Emergency tab, where a different kind of footage awaits. This section is dedicated to accidents or videos recorded when your vehicle was parked. Discover the truth and gain valuable insights from these essential recordings.

Step 4: Immersive Snapshot Experience

Tap on any snapshot to experience it in full-screen glory. Marvel at the panoramic mode that captures the essence of every moment. Get ready to be transported back to the scene and relive the magic with every glance.

Step 5: Video Player – Power in Your Hands

Engage with the videos in the video player, available in both normal mode and panoramic mode, depending on the video being played. Immerse yourself in the action and witness the beauty of your driving experiences firsthand.

Step 6: Share Your Thrilling Moments

With the simple click of a button, share your favorite videos and snapshots to any social media application. Let the world in on your breathtaking journeys and inspire others to embark on their own adventures.

Step 7: Emergency Tab – Uncovering Critical Moments

Remember, the Emergency Tab contains videos downloaded from your Vezo 360 device, recorded during accidents or when your parked vehicle faced tampering. Delve into this section to gain a deeper understanding of these crucial events.

Vezo 360 Gallery

1️⃣ The Vezo 360 Section: Immerse Yourself in the Media

Dive into the captivating world of Vezo 360! In this section, you’ll find a stunning collection of media captured by your Vezo 360 dash cam. Simply insert the SD card from your Vezo 360 into your computer or compatible device to access the gallery.

2️⃣ The Loop Tab: Relive Your Trips

Discover the power of time travel! The Loop tab presents all the recorded trips stored on your Vezo 360’s SD card. Browse through your adventures and relive those cherished moments. Trips are conveniently organized based on date and time, allowing you to easily find the specific memories you seek.

3️⃣ The Snapshot Tab: Freeze Time in a Frame

Snapshots that freeze the magic of the moment! The Snapshot tab showcases all the snapshots taken during your Vezo 360 trips. Scroll through the gallery to witness breathtaking scenery, funny coincidences, or any other captivating visuals that caught your eye. Should you wish to tidy up your collection, simply select snapshots with a long press and hit the delete button.

4️⃣ The Accident Tab: Unveiling Unexpected Events

Safety and security at your fingertips! The Accident tab is where you’ll find videos recorded in case of accidents, tampering attempts, or unauthorized access to your parked vehicle. It acts as your digital witness, capturing any unexpected incidents. Review these recordings to gather crucial evidence or gain peace of mind. Your Vezo 360 has your back!