Dash cams have come a long way so far. Technology has evolved in such a way that today dash cam with parking mode is nothing surprising at all. Well, talking about dash cams which are an astonishing way to protect your car and with products like the Vezo 360 the possibilities just gets doubled.

Fundamentally a dash cam is a closed circuit camera for your car which holds all the remarkable features to provide safety and security at all times. It regularly monitors the surroundings and alerts the driver instantly in the case of any abnormal conditions. Now, with so many options available in the market the verdict on the best dash cam out there gets increasingly challenging. Hence this blog covers the superstar of dash cam and the latest introduction from Arvizon which goes by the name of the Vezo 360.

Starting from why you will choose it over all the other dash cams that are available today to what are some of the unique features that make the dash cam from Arvizon stand out from the rest will have an explanation in this blog. To justify what I just said now, unlike any other dash cam the Vezo 360 comes with a parking mode. There are so many other such unique and exclusive features that only the Vezo 360 offers.

Vezo 360 | The Dash Cam with Parking Mode

Before I am talking about all the exclusive features of the dash cam from Arvizon. Let’s talk about the Parking Mode that the Vezo 360 unlike any other product in this category come with. It is always better to have everything at one place. Hence the dash cam from Arvizon apart from having all the mindblowing features it should have has a parking mode which assists the driver in parking the vehicle. Vezo 360 being a dash cam and doing the job of a parking system, doesn’t require any additional equipment for the same purpose.

Also, a separate parking system includes more wiring inside your car, and the unit retails at a higher cost as well. Above all, the Vezo 360 is entirely a wireless dash cam. No wires reduce the cable management process as hiding wires under the dash is a tedious process. Besides, let us not forget that the Vezo 360 also assists the driver in parking the vehicle.

Exclusive Features of the Vezo 360

The dash cam from Arvizon has a lot of additional features that make it the best-in-class product. We will also take an in-depth look at some of these features. For now, some of the fabulous features that the Vezo 360 have are:
  • Park Assist
  • 360-Degree Video and Image Capturing
  • AI Sleep Prevention Alerts
  • 4K UHD Video Recording
  • LED for Crime Detection
  • Easy Mount Adjustment
  • Loop Video Recording
  • Auto Accident Prevention
  • 4G LTE SIM Support
  • Dedication Mobile Application and Social Sharing

Crime Prevention

Nowadays, there is always a crime scene happening around us. Car theft is nothing new and is here for a long time now. With a dash cam like The Vezo 360, it is an assurance that no matter who steals your car he is not too far away from getting caught. The dash cam comes with 4G LTE sim support which enables live feed streamed to the car owners. So they can see what is going around the car 24*7. All these are possible due to the mobile application for the Vezo 360. In case of car theft, you will exactly get the image of the person who has stolen the car making the insurance claim and filling a police report process hassle-free.

Never drive under the influence of Sleep

Records suggest that most of the car accidents occur due to the driver driving under the influence of alcohol or sleep. While the Vezo 360 can take care of the sleep part, you have to make sure that you never drink and drive.

Modern dash cams like the Vezo 360 comes equipped with an AI which is capable of regularly monitoring the driver’s behavior. If it finds any irregularities with the sitting position or hands off the wheel for more than a set period of time, it alerts the driver to stop by and resolve the matter.

Loop Video Recording

How often do you get the error of low memory from your phone or camera in that case? With the Vezo 360, you are free from this dull notification. The dash cam supports loop video recording which implies that the dash cam automatically deletes older video and image files that clutter up the storage space to record the newer ones. Well, how cool is that? Although no data is getting deleted actually. Arvizon has also made a cloud storage facility which will allow the users to back-up all the past dash cam data to a secure cloud storage server. Enabling the users to use them at any given point of time.

Works as a Regular 360 Camera

Who doesn’t love those incredible 360-degree images doing their rounds at the social media platforms? The Vezo 360 apart from being a remarkable dash cam is also a 360-degree camera that snaps stunning pictures and videos all in 4K Ultra High Definition. Making it a benchmark in the dash cam industry.

Now record all those precious memories of a road trip and share some striking landscape shots at your social media with the Vezo 360.

Bottom Line

There is probably nothing that the Vezo 360 isn’t capable of doing. All the features combined make it a dash cam of remarkable class and quality. So if you are planning to invest for a great dash cam that does it all for your car then the Vezo 360 launches on the 2nd of April 2019. Get your hands on them as quickly as possible before the first batch of the product gets sold out.