After a collision, you might have to deal with expensive repairs, injury compensation, and perhaps legal action. The only eye witness in such situations can be a camera for cars that records everything with a 360-degree view. Although it is also a task to choose the best 360 car camera model.

Another challenge can be properly installing it. “Where do I mount the dash cam”?

In this blog, we will discuss the entire process of installing the 360 car camera and the perfect spot to mount a dashcam on the windshield.

What is a Dashcam?

360 camera for car is basically a 360-degree recording camera that records all the occurring incidents. Whether it be a record of your commute or trip, it might also serve as proof in the event that you ever need it.

Any incident that occurs on the road in front of a car will be recorded by a 360 dash cam.  Installing the 360 car camera, will also save you money on insurance claims and give you a better grasp of the gadget.

A dashcam can easily be installed without any mechanical expertise. All we need to bear in mind while choosing the dash cam and installing it.

Do you require a dashcam installation?

A dashboard camera, often known as a dash cam, is a tiny video camera that fits inside your car and captures footage while you’re driving. 360 camera for car are frequently installed to record driving footage in the event of an accident, but they can also be helpful for filming scenic routes or memorial moments on the road.

It may be useful in the event of deactivation if you are a Lyft or Uber driver.

Time taken to install a dash cam?

The size of the vehicle, the number of cameras, and the dashcam’s power supply mode all affect how long it takes to install a 360 car camera in your automobile.

For instance, a tiny car can be set up in around 20 minutes, but a family SUV may take longer than 30 minutes.

Therefore, make sure you have all the essential wires and cameras before you begin, and allow the required amount of time.

How Much Does a Dashcam Installation Cost?

Depending on the complexity of the installation, installing a front-and-rear or dual-dash cam costs somewhere between $60 and $120.

The following are typically included in the car camera 360 installation service:

  • Putting in the power supply kit.
  • The device’s installation is in compliance with the laws currently in effect.

You should be aware that when you purchase the car camera 360, some necessary accessories also delivered along with the device.

Installation on the Windshield

The attachment method you choose doesn’t matter much. All you need to be cautious about where you put your car camera 360.

The legislation, regulations, and flexibility regarding dash cam location vary from state to state. Although the windshield is unquestionably the ideal location to install a car camera 360.

You need to be careful where you install the car security camera because safety is always the top concern. Regardless, if you’re using a double adhesive or suction mount, the windshield is the most appropriate spot for dash cam installation. In order to avoid obstructing the driver’s vision while driving, it is always better to install your car security camera in the center of the windshield and behind the rearview mirror.

The best choice, by far, is to put wide-angle lenses in the windscreen to provide an even field of view across the entire front of the vehicle.

When the lens slightly angled upwards, roughly 60% of the road and 40% of the sky would be visible; this angle offers an excellent balance between exposure and detail.

The dashcam lens always adjusted vertically but rarely horizontally. You should place the dashcam close to where the rear-view mirror is located.

This minimizes distractions by blocking some or all of the dashcam from the driver’s field of view. We always advise slightly angling the lens upward.

Despite having wide-angle lenses on all models, car security camera installation is in the middle of the front windshield or close to it. It’s also necessary to record both sides of the car equally.

Make sure you give it the proper installation and testing before using the car security camera on the road. Driving with a low view angle is not advisable, while 360 dash cams are the most advisable. Be sure to see all of the roadways in your field of vision.


You can choose the location for your car security camera based on your needs. Now that you know where to put it for maximum visibility and comfort. But what works for others might not work for you. Spend some time carefully inspecting your car and your preferences.

If you have a Smart 360 car camera like the Vezo 360 dash cam, it’s advisable to experiment with several locations to find your perfect spot. Although dash cams like the Vezo 360 with dual lenses can record in 360 view, that provides you an option to mount your dash cam at your convenience. Before selecting your ultimate installation location, you can consider various views. The footage you get from your dash camera will have an impact on its position of it. Make sure your dash cam positioned correctly and at the appropriate angle.