Truck drivers are on the road most of the time. Compared to 4-wheelers, they move more slowly, are heavier, and carry more responsibility. They travel for long periods of time in all types of weather. Pause to refuel, but forget to watch their load. They require some level of protection because they are more vulnerable than other drivers. Many individual drivers decide to purchase a dash cam that records the road in front of their car in order to prevent themselves from held responsible for an accident or from theft, but truckers demand more than the normal protection due to their specific needs. The best dashcam for trucks must protect them from the dangers that represent the greatest threat. The needs of truck drivers met by a truck dash cam. The best dashcam for trucks are typically dual-facing, which refers to the idea that they contain two cameras: one that captures the front of the truck and one that records the interior. The front-view camera shields truckers from wrongful penalties or claims in the event of a traffic accident, just like it does for any driver. There are several uses for the inside camera, also known as a cabin camera. When a camera is recording from inside a truck, the driver, any passengers, and, if the camera placed properly, any goods that the vehicle is transporting, are all visible. Having eyes on the inside allows leaks or accidents seen on camera and prevented before they get out of hand because truckers are in charge of goods that may be subject to spillage or theft. Additionally, dashcams with LTE connectivity allow for live streaming. In other words, instead of having to wait until the vehicle arrives, the owner of a truck or fleet may access the dash cam’s live feed and observe the front of the truck as well as the interior in real time. As soon as they have finished watching the drive on their phone or another device, they can start coaching the driver about safe driving habits.

Required Key features of dash cams for trucks

1. 360 Degree Recording

Trucks are often huge vehicles. A dual-facing 360-degree dashcam eliminates blind spots. In the event of an incident, recording information about the truck’s surroundings gives greater context. It displays the actual position and movements of other vehicles that a camera with a single-face dashcam view could miss. In order to ensure that nothing crucial missed, you want cameras with the largest 360-degree view field possible.

2. Parking Mode

Truckers frequently leave their vehicles unattended because they are either resting or staying at a hotel or motel. Even if the rig is locked, their goods may still stolen. Many dash cams have a function called “parking mode,” where sensors in the camera detect movement and impact. The camera activated and starts recording as soon as it detected. Dash cams that are “linked” send users notifications in real time, and users receive a message. Real-time notifications can mean the difference between truckers catching a theft in the act or finding it after it has already happened. The truck and its belongings secured by default when in Parking Mode.

3. Resolution

Dash cameras come in a variety of resolutions, but the most popular dash cam resolutions are 720p, 1080p, 2K, and 4K. The picture is clearer with higher resolution. More detail offered as proof thanks to higher quality cameras. HD dash cams must be in full HD 1080p. The resolutions of 2K and 4K enable the clearest viewing of the footage, with 4K offering the finest contrast and color spectrum. The better the resolution, the more likely it is to record specifics that can serve as crucial evidence, such as license plate numbers or road signs.

4. Connectivity

Your recordings saved to the cloud using a high-speed internet connection and connected dash cams. If you want to watch what’s going on in and around your rig while you’re eating lunch, all you have to do is open an app on your phone and live stream. This enables you to access the camera’s live feed from wherever you are. The ability for truck and fleet owners to see inside and around the vehicle even when parked, drive along with the driver in real-time, and enhance driver performance can reduce insurance costs.


Truck drivers are more vulnerable on the road than other drivers are. The best dashcam for trucks can provide security in the form of video evidence as well as valuable information about drivers’ abilities. By choosing the Vezo 360 dashcam, fleet owners may add a crucial safety measure and cut their insurance costs significantly.