Nowadays, dashcams are a trend that’s becoming more and more popular on the roadways. Dash cams are recognized for their effectiveness in protecting drivers, and their vehicles, and for providing valuable video proof in the event that a vehicle is damaged. You’ve probably observed that there are a variety of dash cam varieties available, each with a unique set of characteristics. You might see a dash cam with an LTE connection as one of the essential features. What does the term “LTE dash cam” represent, and why is it significant for your dash cam service? The short answer is that an LTE connection can have a significant impact on both the capabilities your dash cam can provide and how effectively it protects your car.

What is it?

Let’s begin with the basics: What does it mean exactly to have an LTE dash cam? When a dashcam claims to have an LTE connection, it is referring to the type of cellular connectivity it has. A dashcam’s LTE connectivity is a very valuable feature because it may power a variety of special services and capabilities. Due to the dashcam’s LTE connectivity, you can view a live stream or receive emergency warnings on your smartphone. Compared to 3G wireless, LTE internet services generally offer strong, high-speed connections that are much faster. Dashcams are more popular now than they ever were before when they didn’t yet have their own independent service connection. Dash cams with LTE capabilities can instantly share clear, HD videos with a user’s smartphone and can establish an automatic connection to the cloud.
  • Utilizable Functions Offered by LTE-Connected Dash Cams

Users who own an LTE dash cam enjoy significant advantages over those who own other types of dash cams. A dash cam’s video kept locally on a hard disk or memory card if it doesn’t have an LTE connection. However, these cameras also usually lack features like cloud connectivity and live streaming capability. Here are a few important capabilities that are possible when a dash cam has an LTE connection, especially with the popularity of the newest generation of LTE dash cams like the Vezo 360.
  • Online Access – Anytime Access to Your Dash Cam

Imagine being able to monitor what is going on around your automobile while you are at work or relaxing. Dashcams with LTE connectivity frequently contain a remote access option that lets you access your dashcam at any time. When you’re not close to your car, day or night, this can be quite useful for checking your dash cam.
  • Live Streaming Feature

The ability to monitor a live stream at any moment is another amazing feature of LTE dashcams. This means that you can instantly view what’s happening with your car by pressing a button. This is useful if you have children or other family members operating a vehicle. If you have company vehicles or a fleet, or if you just want to make sure your vehicle is safe.
  • Cloud Storage Feature

The fact that LTE dash cams often have a cloud storage feature, where clips of your most important driving accidents are immediately stored in your cloud, is a significant advantage. In other words, you can use these videos simply using a mobile application, logging into your dash cam cloud account, and downloading the videos from anywhere. This implies that in order to access the video, you don’t need to manually transfer data from the memory card.

Vezo 360 LTE Dash camera

The Vezo 360 is one of the most popular options available on the market right now for LTE dash cams. The powerful LTE-backed features of the Vezo 360 dashcam are amazing. Users can view what their dashcam captures remotely and in real-time thanks to the LTE connection. Users can also benefit from live monitoring, which allows you to follow all of your vehicles in real-time on a map, as well as live parking mode, which provides fast alerts to your phone in the event of a problem.


Even though there are many dash cams on the market right now, it’s important to determine which key features are essential to you before you choose a dash cam. LTE dash cams give users constant access to their dash cams and, in comparison to dash cams that use SIM cards, often make it much simpler to upload data and video. LTE dash cams can also come with a variety of great extra features, including the ability to monitor your dash cam’s live stream, the ability to access your dash cam from a distance, and automatic cloud uploads that make it simple for you to access your video.