A battery powered dash cam is an advanced security upgrade to your vehicle when it comes to road safety. 360 dash cams are an additional layer of safety that, like airbags, seat belts, and blind-spot mirrors, that aid us to travel safely but in a smarter way.

Car mounted camera is also available without any internal batteries. They just instead were equipped with a Super Capacitor. An expensive substitute for a lithium battery is a supercapacitor. Supercapacitors, in contrast to internal batteries, are not designed to power the battery powered dash cam. 

Regardless of whether it has an internal battery or a supercapacitor, a Car mounted camera needs an external power source to operate. As a result, a camera for cars draws power from your car’s battery.

People worry about their car’s battery loss when battery powered dash cam are using up vehicle battery power. Because of this, one of the most common inquiries we get is, “Can a dash cam deplete a car battery?”

Are Dash Cams Drains Vehicle’s Battery

A battery powered dash cam uses very little of the battery power in your car. This is a key factor in why you shouldn’t worry about your car’s battery degrading.

A camera for cars uses a very small amount of electricity compared to the size of your car’s battery. Even small or midsize cars have batteries with 48 amp hours of capacity, batteries for trucks or SUVs might deliver rated at 225 amps or greater. This means typically it can deliver 1 amp of electricity for up to 48 hours.

Two outlets to Connect:

There are two different sorts of power outlets in your car that you can use to connect your cam for car to the battery power. One is the 12V cigarette lighter socket in your car, and the other is the fuse box.

An external source of power – Cigarette lighter socket

The simplest way to power up your security cam for car is to plug it into the cigarette lighter outlet. It is a 12V power adaptor powered by the battery in your car. The USB power cord that comes with your cam for car when you buy it can easily used to connect it to the lighter socket.

In America, the majority of modern automobile models have a 12V cigarette lighter plug that only works when the car’s key is in the ACC(Accessory) position. The cam for car will only operate when you start your car when attached to this type of socket. Security cam for car designed to turn on automatically once they get electricity.

It goes without saying that your car battery is a vital source of power for starting your engine every day, so you should be concerned about its condition, especially if you plan to use a camera for cars, we advise to have an advance one Vezo 360 smart dashcam like Vezo 360 to covertly keep an eye on your car while you’re away.

Dash Cam in Parking mode:

One of the most frequently asked questions is “Is a security cam for car, can damage my vehicle’s battery in parking mode”. Fortunately, the response is no. Let’s explore why this is the case and why utilizing your 360 cam car in parking mode shouldn’t worry you about battery life. 

Typically, a cigarette adaptor powers a 360-degree dash security camera. 

You can easily power the dashboard camera through the vehicle’s battery by connecting it to the hardwired power cord. The dashcam will keep recording though, even with the ignition off.

Also, a handy kit enables you to directly connect your dash cam to the car’s fuse box.

Keeping an eye on your vehicle after parking is important for security purposes. With an intelligent 360 cam car system like Vezo 360, it is possible to monitor a parked vehicle with a prominent parking feature. With this feature, you can monitor your car if any foreign activities are detected and the car security camera Vezo 360 notifies you.

In the Vezo 360 extraordinary dash cam, you can select the “parking mode” mode feature in the Vezo 360 app> When the dash cam is in parking mode, it will start recording whenever a usual activity is detected. As a result, anytime someone tries to approach the vehicle, the dash cam will start recording.

Other benefits of Vezo 360 in parking mode:

  • 24/7 security, even in parking mode.
  • Detects unusual activities in parking mode.
  • If they tried to steal the car.
  • Evidence to support the claim in parking mode.

The fact that dash cams often use very little power is the main reason you shouldn’t be worried about your battery dying. For reference, it’s like using the charging port to charge your mobile mode or music system.

Two fundamental factors to minimize battery consumption.

  • To install a 360 dash cam perfectly.
  • Using some of the safety features that dashcams have built in.

Make careful to keep your 360 cam car unplugged while not in use if you are hooking it to a power outlet. As you are probably aware, the majority of contemporary automobiles offer both an always-on and an auto-off power socket.

Smart dash cam like Vezo 360 battery powered dash cam, with a wide range of features such as Dual lens, AI sleep alert detection, and WIFI connectivity, requires less than half the power (usually 0.25 to 0.45 amps) of a standard light bulb.


If we connect the dash cam to the car battery then it will take the power to function. But a typical 100-watt light bulb in modern homes needs 0.9 amps. As opposed to this, a standard dashboard camera with dynamic range characteristics only needs 0.25 to 0.45 amps to start up, which equivalent to the power used by a light bulb.