According to IBM, artificial intelligence (AI) uses technology to “mirror the ability of the human mind to solve problems and make decisions.” AI is capable of producing music, visual art, and even cancer symptoms. AI is revolutionizing fleet operations in the commercial transportation sector by improving safety, increasing efficiency, and lowering expenses. AI dash cams, in particular, help fleets cut costs while increasing profits. 

How dash cams help fleets become more profitable


– Dash cameras with AI can lower collision expenses.

Driving while intoxicated, being very tired, and speeding are all significant factors in incidents on American roads. But one factor always comes up first: inattentive driving.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, distracted driving causes more than 3,000 accidents annually. Additionally, the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control show that a distraction-related collision at work typically costs $100,310 without a non-fatal injury. Costs greatly exceed that when there is a major injury or mortality. Commercial fleets can reduce costs connected with accidents, including the ultimate cost of human life, by deploying AI dash cams.

We’ve seen it before: texting, talking on the phone, and reaching for food while driving are all common activities for drivers. These commonplace interruptions are hazardous enough in an automobile. Additionally, the risks are higher when they happen in large vehicles.

Artificial intelligence (AI) dashcams can detect inattentive driving and stop it. For instance, the Vezo 360 AI Dashcam records texting, close following, and drowsy driving. The driver is then immediately informed of these behaviors. AI does this by directing the operator’s attention to the road, which is where it belongs.

An AI dash cam’s primary goal is to protect lives, but these systems also reduce collision costs and aid fleets in avoiding expensive legal action.

 AI dashcams enhance staff retention.

Industries including construction, distribution, and trucking have all experienced labor shortages in recent years, making it difficult for them all to find qualified employees. More than 1 million jobs in construction were lost during the pandemic closure, and frontline workers opted for early retirement over the supply chain crisis. AI dash cams maintained their position as one of the best instruments for maintaining driver retention throughout.

Profitability is based on keeping employees. Fleets can barely afford to let operators leave when there is such a dearth of new talent available. It’s understandable why retention is the more profitable course of action when you take into account the costs associated with finding, onboarding, and training new drivers. AI dash cams, such as the Wonder Kid Vezo 360, capture video recordings of incidents involving risky driving, providing a fantastic opportunity for video-based coaching. You won’t need to hunt for competent drivers if you have an AI dashcam in your toolkit.

According to Training Industry Magazine, when businesses use AI in their video coaching, each participant’s learning journey can be unique. “Having the opportunity to practice procedures and skills in a secure environment helps employees succeed, which can enhance productivity and lower attrition.”

There are instances when a dangerous situation necessitates more instruction than automated coaching can offer. Safety managers can then set up a live video coaching session between a driver and a driving instructor. Together, the coach and driver can watch the dash cam video clip and talk about what happened. These types of coaching sessions help instructors establish rapport with their clients. They also allowed drivers to develop into their positions.

– Dash cameras with AI can help prevent false insurance claims.

Adding a dash cam to your vehicle is an excellent alternative if you want to have a recording to show that you weren’t at fault after getting into a vehicle accident.

The Vezo 360 dash camera provides fleets with all the evidence necessary to clear innocent drivers and prevent exorbitant payouts in the form of high-definition video. HD footage confirms whether an event occurred and, if so, who was at fault in the sharpest image available. Fleet managers may find out what happened by calling up HD footage at any moment.

The Best Fleet Dashcam

The best dash cameras enable local and cloud-based storage of recorded content, record video at a high resolution, catch clear footage during the day or at night and record what happens in front of and behind your vehicle. When an accident occurs, the best fleet dash cam also records what is happening inside the car. Was the motorist awake and paying attention to the road? That can be shown using a dual facing fleet dash cam, thereby protecting your driver and company from liability.

Having HD video on your side can mean the difference between paying millions of dollars in damages or nothing at all in this litigious age. The Vezo 360 AI Dashcam can quickly disprove an allegation made by another driver with just one video clip. AI-powered fleet dash cam also records time, speed, and position information to challenge false claims in every way.

Dash cams are essential for your defense since large commercial vehicle accidents might carry particularly expensive liability.


If you don’t think you can afford to get AI dash cams, it can be more expensive not to. Find out how the Vezo 360 AI Dashcam may increase your company’s profitability.