“The camera sees more than the eye, so why not make use of it?”

This quotation perfectly captures the 360-degree view capturing and video-making feature of the Vezo 360 degree vehicle security camera.

On long journeys, photos and videos are enjoyable ways to preserve special moments, but maintaining your safety and being aware of your surroundings while travelling is a daily task.

When you have an Arvizon dashcam in your car, you know no fear. You can capture wide-angle footage of your travels with this latest hardware, and its 360-degree video capability helps you solve problems in your daily life.


Vezo 360 Degree video and photos feature.

With a twin wide-angle lens system, the Vezo 360 parking camera captures footage from all angles as it records a seamless 360 degrees around your car. Because a Dashcam camera records the environment simultaneously in all directions, it has no frame limitations or the concept of compositional frames. From a bird’s eye perspective, you can observe everything that occurs around your car in a single frame.

Why this feature is special:

  • It takes full coverage.
  • A panoramic view
  • Catch the critical events.
  • You can relive your memories in detail.
  • Always ready with evidence from both sides.

Bottom line

Pictures and videos are fun > cameras are a medium of capturing > 360-degree view is a bonus.

We recommend Vezo 360 because we care about your enjoyment and safety,