Sleeping while driving is a common problem and that’s why several different technologies have come up in order to make sure that these problems find a solution. Today, in an era like the ones we have, technology is shaping the entire society. Therefore the highest form of technological devices is trying to help people to combat certain unwanted situations. Presently, the new car camera called the Vezo 360 front and back dash cam is making rounds in the market and it has received a fantastic response. It is one of the best dash cams ever and has several wonderful features that will definitely make your head turn.

Vezo 360 – Why?

First and foremost Vezo 360 is getting huge popularity because of the massive highlights. Some of them are sleep prevention alerts, loop 4K recording and also 4G LTE support. But, for Arvizon creating a revolution with Vezo 360 as it is equipped with the much-needed technology for contemporary life.

Cars always have a tendency to have an accident on the sides. And, regular camera at times cannot catch on the sides, but only the front and the rear. But with Vezo 360, dual wide angle lens can catch everything that is taking place around the car and even inside the car. There is no need to fix any other extra camera outside the car to know about the sides.
Arvizon is delighted to offer such an amazing concept of dash cam to its customers and that is widely accepted. If you are contemplating on buying a dash cam for your car, then do not worry, Vezo will take care of everything. To be true, a lot of detailing has gone in to develop the latest dash cam. It has been developed with a machine learning algorithm to detect the signs of drowsiness and many other aspects. Interestingly, the AI can accurately take note of the driver’s sleep patterns and understands how severely a wake up is required.

Vezo 360? Here is What it Does

It is a dash cam which can also make sure that picture quality is high and the video recordings along with the pictures have a good storage option. Moreover, the Vezo 360 dash cam for car captures 4K videos incorporating all the surroundings and even when the car is left in the parking. It can also make sure it connects easily with 4G LTE and WiFi support. Apparently, remote live streams are also possible, as you can see everything from the mobile app.

There is a GPS in the touch of the car. The magnetic bottom will help to yank off the dash cam and turn it into a regular camera that can capture everything when you travel. The Vezo 360 smart dash cam is a solution to all your car security related problems and it has an added advantage. It is nothing but a huge cloud storage capacity that keeps on deleting the older videos to make space for the new one. Arvizon has been in the quest to develop a magnificent camera that can make everything look real. The high-tech imaging system offers impeccable photos and videos, so that, in case of an emergency, you can have evidence for your defence.

The Truth Behind An Amazing Lens

Camera lens used by Arvizon is of a quality that you cannot get anywhere. Its wide-angle lens captured everything in the surrounding. With the help of your 4G LTE services, the camera is able to capture and send the data to your phone. The power of the lens is so good that each and every detail in and around the car is not wasted. So, if you want a dash cam, all you got is Vezo 360 to fulfil your demands.