Everyone is familiar with dash cams. They are really useful pieces of equipment. Over the years dash cams have gained popularity and all for the right reasons. Dash Cams were originally designed to capture video and sound. They were also slightly expensive to begin with. However, things have really changed now. Dash cams have evolved into smart dash cams. With the dawn of IoT and AI-based technologies. Dash cams have surely followed the suit. Modern dash cams like Vezo 360 by Arvizon are all set to create a new benchmark in the services rendered by a dash cam.

The advantages that come along with a smart dash cam like Vezo 360 are as follows.

Stay Alert While Driving

Life is becoming complex and more stressful by the minute. Pressure is everywhere. Staying on the top of your game is pretty difficult now and surely takes its toll on your mind and body. With so many things going on it’s natural for the human body and mind to demand and extract some moments of rest. What if this biological event occurs while you are driving. Vezo 360 is all set to tackle this problem. With its advanced algorithm the smart cameras of Vezo 360 can easily detect patterns of sleep while driving. The system then takes measures to bring you back to senses by sounding an alarm. Staying safe while driving was never easier.

Evidence in Case of Accidents

Accidents do happen. With accidents comes litigation and legal inquiries. That’s where the net of lies and manipulation begins. Smart dash cams can provide concrete evidence. Armed with GPS and other arrays of sensors, you have the exact version of stories without an iota of doubt. Stay secure under every situation.

Crime Prevention

Dash cams like Vezo 360 have state of the art crime prevention features. Most of the car theft occurs when the car is parked. Vezo 360 remains in standby mode while the car is parked. Its smart technology starts recording when someone approaches the car. At the same time, the event is captured and an alert is sounded on your mobile phone using the 4g connectivity. Hence adding an additional layer of security for your car.

Prevent Insurance Fraud

The world is full of scamsters and cheat. For getting the insurance money they can go to any length. Staging an accident and then asking for compensation is pretty common nowadays. With smart dash cams like Vezo 360, you would never be a victim of such criminals. Capture everything in 4k detail with sound, the event also gets synced on the cloud in real-time. Hence your security is guaranteed.

Capture your road trips

4k recording capabilities ensure that your joyous moments on the roads are captured perfectly. With Vezo 360 dash cam capturing the moments and sharing them on social media platforms has never been easier.


Having a smart dash cam is vital now. Mere recording of the footage is not enough. What’s more, smart dash cams like Vezo 360 capture both the frontal and peripheral regions of your car. Hence you remain in control no matter what your driving conditions are.