Thoughtful decision-making is necessary, but lavish choice is preferable.

So that you may pick the appropriate one.

So, Vezo 360 car camera is an option for you.

The brand-new, cutting-edge, and modern dashcam, Vezo 360, is a clever solution that ensures your safety while also being incredibly convenient.

All we need to do is to connect the app with your device through Wi-Fi and monitor the whole device with the most convenient features which are listed below:

Live to stream:

Make your vacation more unforgettable by sharing your enjoyable travel experiences live on social media

Monitoring through the device:

Imagine being able to witness what is happening around you while your car is there by just connecting your smartphone to Wi-Fi.

With this amazing function, you will be alerted via the app whenever a problem with your car occurs.


With this feature, the app will automatically link with GPS and navigate your whole route.

Multiple languages support:

Vezo 360 car surveillance camera supports multiple languages, making it more helpful & practical.


 You can explore this feature in three ways:


  • Local: Downloaded files from the gallery.
  • Vezo: When the device is connected to the app, we can save live snaps and videos.