Dash cams are excellent equipment which reads everything that takes place in and around the vehicle. Whatever it records is employed as a portion of testimony in evidence of accidents or unprecedented events. Let us introduce you to the new dashcam that is smart enough to offer road safety measures. Moreover, it has supplementary advantages like auto-activation and record-keeping in a parked vehicle. It ensures that the car is safe, even if you are far away from the car for a long period of time. The name of the dash cam is Vezo 360 degree, manufactured by Arvizon and it will be the best option to safeguard your car without any doubt.

Features of Vezo 360-degree Road safety Dash Cam

At times, when you are away at some place then it is essential to make sure that you have proper safety measures in the car. If you have placed a dual dash cam in your car then you have put all your worries in rest. Any time, when you are away from the car, you have perpetual anxiety for the security of the car. The Vezo 360 will take care of your car when you are not around.

  • Parking Mode
  • Crime detection
  • Precise Mount adjustment
  • Mobile app control
  • Social Sharing
  • Standard 360 camera
  • 24-hour parked car video capture system
  • 360 -degree recording
  • 4K recording
  • 4G LTE Support
  • AI Sleep Activation Alert
  • Loop Recording

How Will Vezo 360 Take Care Of Your Car on the Road?

As a matter of fact, the preponderance of car mishaps that takes place on the surfaces of the sides of the vehicle. General dash cams can simply look after the head and the backside area, but Vezo 360-degree dash cam reads everything while the car is left, and is the most dependable tool. Presently with Vezo, you can have comprehensive security of your car when it at the parking. At times, several undesired consequences appear around your car, which does not come to the eyes in regular time. People who not near their car for a longer duration will be extremely profited from this dash cam.

With a dual facing dash cam, every curve is obtained and Vezo 360’s high-quality imaging display supports first-class videos and photographs yet in the usual as well as critical incidents. Each camera lens has a sharp f/2.0 aperture, which wears a broad 180-degree scene. Its image processor employs 3D sound conversion and also boasts multi-exposure HDR, to counterbalance the backlight. The camera has a great 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor, which allows high-quality imaging and sponsors correctness in low information.

The camera is going to be on for 24 hours due to its long-lasting battery. It is ever ready to record everything that is taking place in the surrounding. If any accident takes place, with the help of 4G LTE support, it will send alerts to your smartphone, and you can watch the video clip. It will help you reach your parked car fast and save it from any damage.
We all know there is saying prevention is better than cure. Today with Vezo 360, the camera can capture a lot of data easily and has a 4G LTE connection. In this way, you can even check all the footage on your phone. The camera can capture everything and transmit alerts. If you are away for a long time, then the parking area is a matter of concern as fraudulent activities have increased so much. Therefore, to safeguard your car from any accidents while parking, install the Vexo 360-degree wide angle dash cam and you can recline for the time.

Vezo 360 -Ride Safety Camera

With ride safety options Vezo 360 is one of the best 360 dash cam. Today, while driving a lot of difficulties might arise, if you are ahead of time and can understand what are the wrong things that can happen, it will make your ride better and safe. With all other functions as Loop recording or Mobile app control. It will be easy for you to understand how your car will function.

Even if your car is parked somehwere, you can make sure it is secure as everything that happens in and around your car is recorded by the Vezo 360 parking camera. While you are on the move, the dash cam can predict its movement and make sure the car is in balance. Even it has the capacity to sense when is the time to change lanes without collision.

The takeaway

With Vezo, all your worries for the car will come to a halt. It will always take care of the car and its belongings too. The wide dual lens captures everything and the 4G support will help you watch the footage in your phone.