Car accessories have seen a remarkable advancement in technology. Every car accessory works on technology, and every existing technology serves a purpose.And the purpose determines whether the gadget or accessory must be installed immediately or whether the installation can be delayed. Some car accessories offer safety and a solution to an array of problems while driving, like dashcams or 360 camera in cars.

The dash cam for a car is one such essential accessory that captures everything in a 360-degree view.

In this blog, we are going to discuss 360 camera in cars, how Vezo 360 dash cam reveals what’s happening around your car, and their benefits.

What exactly is a 360 camera in cars?

In layman’s terms, a 360 dash cam is an image-capturing device or camera. A cam for car is simple to install on the windscreen or dashboard of the vehicle (behind the rear-view mirror). Basic cam for car record only front view but the high-end 360 dash cam Vezo 360 also uses a rear-facing lens to record 360 views. A quick and easy approach to recording your drive is to install a dash camera in your vehicle.

This technology has been in use for well over a decade, and both businesses and individual drivers are increasingly using it.

In the case of an accident or other occurrence on the road, most people prefer dashcams for their own safety. Cam for car frequently used to challenge traffic penalties, resolve insurance disputes, and prevent theft.

In other words, if you are involved in any unexpected situation, 360 camera in cars serves as a “silent witness.” The device’s small size makes it simple to mount on a dashboard, and its straightforward operation makes it simple to use. A dash camera is like a third eye that records everything in 360-degree view while you’re driving.

How Vezo 360 Dash Cam Reveals What’s Happening Around Your Car

A 360 camera on cars typically installed behind the internal rear-view mirror. The camera can see clearly from its position what is happening in front of the 360-degree view. When the engine turned on, a car recording camera was linked so that it immediately turned on and began recording. So long as your automobile has a dash camera, you’ll never miss a recording.

Even some 360 camera on cars have built-in storage. However, if the dashcam has a loop-recording option, it will immediately remove the old files to save new ones. Therefore, a dash camera operates well, eliminating the possibility of missing any footage.

When it comes to the dash cameras’ ability to record video, they have a wide-angle lens that can capture the entire width of the road as well as the surroundings. Therefore, everything recorded, whether it is on the side of the road or in the middle of the road. Even some 360 camera for car feature twin lenses to record the vehicle’s interior. In addition, the dash cameras have a GPS tracker that records the car’s speed and precise location. In the event that you are in an accident, this will be useful.

The modern dashcam Vezo 360 camera for car is Wi-Fi capable, allowing you to connect to the Vezo 360 app on your smartphone and view your most recent footage. A lot of older models didn’t have this feature. However, when connected to your phone, it will enable you to view all recent films with a loop recording feature.

To access the recording of the occurrence in the event that you find yourself in a notable circumstance, all you need to do is access your footage on your SD card and/or smartphone’s Vezo app.

Benefits of 360 camera for car

The Vezo 360 records a seamless 360 degrees around your car while capturing video from all sides because of its twin wide-angle lens technology. A 360 camera for car has no frame restrictions because it records the surroundings simultaneously in all directions. With a 360 camera for car, you can see everything that happens around your car in a single frame.

Taking pictures and making videos on long trips is a fun way to remember special moments, but keeping yourself safe and paying attention to your surroundings while traveling is a daily task.

With the newest technology, 360 cam car, you can record wide-angle footage of your travels and use its 360-degree video capacity to address difficulties in your daily life.

Other advantages of 360-degree-view dash cams listed below.

  • With a wide-angle lens to take a complete 360-degree view.
  • A panoramic view
  • The Vezo 360 Cam Car mobile application allows you to detail your memories easily.
  • In-hand evidence ready in most unexpected situations.


One of the most important automotive accessories is a 360 cam car. When you are involved in an unfortunate situation, a dashboard camera in your vehicle can rescue you from a lot of problems, which will also be helpful when submitting vehicle insurance claims. In summary, if you own a car, you must invest in a dashboard camera like Vezo 360 that records videos of high quality and has necessary functions like loop recording, G-sensor, and GPS tracking.