Automotive dash cam are superb pieces of equipment which records everything that takes place in and around a vehicle. Everything that gets recorded is utilised as a piece of evidence in cases of accidents. We introduce you to the new parking monitor dash cam, which has additional benefits like auto-activation and recording in a parked vehicle. It assures that the vehicle is safe, even when you are not in the car. The all-new Vezo 360-degree dash cam will protect your car with smart features. Let us have a look at the features.

Features of Vezo 360-degree parking monitor dash cam

When you are off to someplace and have to park your car at a public square, you perpetually have anxiety at the back of the mind, whether the car is not in trouble. With Vezo 360-degree all your worries will be put to rest. The Vezo 360 parking camera will take care of your car, and the surrounding. The features will keep you spellbound.

  • 360 -degree recording
  • 4K recording
  • 4G LTE Support
  • AI Sleep Activation Alert
  • Loop Recording
  • Parking Mode
  • Crime detection
  • Precise Mount adjustment
  • Mobile app control
  • Social Sharing
  • Standard 360 camera
  • 24-hour parked car video capture system

Features of Vezo 360-degree parking monitor dash cam

As a matter of fact, the majority of car accidents takes place on the sides of the car. Regular dash cams can only take care of the front and the rear area, but Vezo 360-degree dash cam that records while parked is the most dependable tool. Presently with Vezo, you can have comprehensive security of your car when it at the parking. At times, many undesired actions arise in and around your car, that does not come to the notice. People who are away from their car for a longer period of time will be highly benefited from the dash cam.

  • With dual angle camera, each corner is captured and Vezo 360’s high-quality imaging performance guarantees first-class videos and images yet in the most imperious circumstances. Each lens has a bright f/2.0 aperture, which sports a wide 180-degree view. Its picture processor utilises 3D sound reduction and also flaunts multi-exposure HDR, to compensate the backlight. The camera has a large 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor, which enables high-quality imaging and presents precision in low light.
  • The camera is going to be on for 24 hours due to its long-lasting battery. It is ever ready to record everything that is taking place in the surrounding. If any accident takes place, with the help of 4G LTE support, it will send alerts to your smartphone, and you can watch the video clip. It will help you reach your parked car fast and save it from any damage.
  • A parked car is not always out of risk. At times, it may so happen that other unruly driver comes and hits your car. In this type of cases, the Vezo 360-degree smart dash cam will record the other car’s details. It will help you to catch the driver, entailing the evidence. Loop recording and the cloud storage will keep every video stored in the memory.
There is a saying, prevention is better than cure’. It holds true in cases of dash cams. The camera can capture everything and transmit alerts. If you are away for a long time, then the parking area is a matter of concern as fraudulent activities have increased so much. Therefore, to safeguard your car from any accidents while parking, install the Vexo 360-degree wide angle dash cam and you can recline for the time.