IMPORTANT🙅‍♀️🙅‍♂️⏰: ‘‘ & ‘‘ is the ONLY legit platform to getting the real Vezo 360 4K 360 Dashcam.


Over the past few days, there have been a backer’s reports that mention the counterfeit products from the uncredible webpage. Therefore, we have decided to make an urgent update regarding fake E-commerce pages and false Facebook advertisement that is currently pretending to sell Vezo 360.


Where to pre order Vezo 360?

Please be aware that the Vezo 360 is ONLY AVAILABLE through or

Non-legit and scamming website list?

Based on our knowledge we are listing the non-legit website names to make sure not make financial transaction to any of these website : NEWLOOKLILY, FAIRYGOS, GOCADIA, LNNGY, SHELIFETIME, RANKWISH etc.

Please note: All the Vezo 360 units are in the manufacturing stage, so no single one could be ever available on the market now. These scams, fake websites are doing pure money grab.

 What is the original price of Vezo 360?

Retail price of Vezo 360 starts from $299 and is currently only available at Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. 

What if you got scammed from a non legit website?

If you see such kind of false advertising on Facebook or other platforms, it would be appreciated if you report them to the platform or us.

👉 Step 1: Go to the three dots on the up right side, in the drop-down, choose to report the ads;

👉 Step 2: Report to our Admin.

We kindly ask you to not spread the fake, scam ads or website URL in the backer’s community, because they are misleading and could cause more backers to be fooled. Report the sites and ads to us!

We cannot believe the scams would appear on the market so quickly! But with your help, the Vezo 360 team has the confidence that we can beat them.


Stay safe!
Team ArVizon (Creator of Vezo 360)