Car Front and rear dash cam capture important footage that used for a variety of purposes, such as insurance claims and law enforcement, and that makes our driving safer.

According to the IACP study, 51% of citizens agree that their behavior changed when the driver was aware of video capturing. The same study also found that 50% of police officers felt that the situation did not get out of control when the driver was aware of the video recording.

In a survey of 2000 people, 20% of respondents said they installed car dash camera with parking mode to save money on car insurance. In 93% of cases where charges were filed against a police officer, dashcams helped clear him of all charges.

All the aforementioned studies and surveys are proof of the importance of having a dashboard camera and how a dash cam proved a life savior. Dash cam front and rear also eliminate the security threat.

It’s not just about having a dashcam, but rather about having the right dashcam.
In this blog, we will go over the benefits of having a dashcam. We also discuss the Vezo 360 Dashcam, an advanced automotive solution for your car that can eliminate all your daily problems.

Benefits Of Dual Facing Dash Cameras

 Front and rear dash cam are the most effective security tools, both for commercial purposes and for individuals. Dashcams are the must-have car accessory. The demand for wireless dash cam front and rear is very high. Dash cams vary in their availability and capabilities.

In the past, typical dashboard cameras were forward-facing cameras that only recorded the front of the driver. Nowadays, do not just serve as cool-looking gadgets that only record from the front.

Modern dash cams are defensive driving aids that protect both you and your vehicle. They act as a “silent witness,” providing you with evidence that you can freely use in the event of an incident.

Whether you are reporting a collision to your insurance company or contesting a traffic ticket, a dashcam can help you with video evidence. Modern dash cams even document GPS and speed information.

If you drive for Uber or accept a ride from Uber, the dashcam captures the interior of the vehicle. So, you have a record of the passenger and the driver. This also reduces safety concerns.

The front and back dash cam also record your parked car to monitor thefts. This automotive solution makes it easier to be accountable and work with your insurance company.

Not only do they increase car and road safety, but they also make you a better and more responsible driver. It captures reckless driving and irresponsible road use. Research has shown that drivers with Dash Cams have greater self-awareness.

What Would You Like To Record?

The important part is what you want to record. dashboard cameras for cars come in three broad categories: one channel and two channels and that record all angles. This easily explained as one camera, two cameras, or 360 cameras.

One Channel (Front)

A standard one-channel dashcam is a front-facing camera that records the ride from the driver’s angle.


Two-Channel (Front + Rear)

Car dash camera front and rear always consist of a front-facing camera as channel one, while a rear-facing camera protects you in case of a rear-end collision.


Vezo 360 (Records 360 Views)

Most car accidents occur on the sides of the vehicle, while traditional dashcams can only film the front or back. Vezo 360 battery powered dash camera car cam front and rear use two wide-angle lenses to record a continuous 360-degree view of your car from all sides. You feel completely safe.

Vezo 360 Front and Rear Dash Cam.

Vezo 360 car front and rear dash cam incorporate a Driver Monitoring System that logs driving behaviors, such attention or fatigue to help assess driver performance. Additionally, this technology aids in providing visibility both inside and outside the vehicle. Since in-cabin video used to demonstrate that a driver was acting responsibly during an accident, it is ideal for fleets looking to boost safety, implement a successful driver coaching program, and protect drivers from baseless claims.

Additional features of advanced automotive device Vezo 360-

  • Dual wide-angle lens.
  • Monitor your vehicle in parking mode
  • Mobile app control
  • Automatic accident detection
  • A 360-degree dashboard camera that records at any angle.


The most crucial investment is one made for safety. The Vezo 360, front and rear dash cam is a great option to concentrate on what’s important because we are constantly appreciative of everything that makes our lives easier. A dual dash cam that takes video from all angles and records a 360-degree view supports your claims and makes traveling easier.

Driving scenarios including rush hour, traffic, long distances, and insurance claims are all too common. Traveling is a regular activity that requires maintaining your safety and being aware of your surroundings. A variety of driving issues can be resolved by installing an advanced device like the Vezo 360 dual dash cam.