Evolving generations need intelligent design in all things, including phones, watches, video games, and other technological devices.  So, the Vezo 360, 4K dual dash cam is the perfect example of this fact.

You can simply connect your mobile with your dash camera via Wi-Fi or LTE.

The app allows you to browse your captured pictures and video, filter them by category, and quickly share them on social media.


How to Connect a Vezo 360 Dash Cam to a Mobile App

Let’s look at how easily you can attach your Vezo 360 dash camera with the included app:

  • As soon as the dash cam is started on, a Wi-Fi signal will begin to be transmitted, allowing you to wirelessly connect to your smartphone.
  • To connect to the Vezo WiFi network among the accessible wireless networks, navigate to the Wi-Fi settings.
  • Open the Vezo 36o car camera app on your smartphone and select the connect option in the interface’s upper half. After a brief period of configuration and connection verification, The app will show a live feed of the data being recorded by the Vezo Dashcam

Open wifi > navigate device > connect wirelessly > access all youthful features.


What Can We Do with the Vezo 360 Dashcam Application?

With a user-friendly design, the Vezo 360 automobile camera program offers you a variety of options.

  • You can live to stream your activities and share them on any media platform.
  • It supports multiple languages. 
  • you will be alerted via the app if there is a problem with your car.
  • Emergency cloud storage records short videos at the time of the accident 
  • Captures 360-degree photos and movies while travelling.


Advantages of Using the Vezo Mobile Application.

The Vezo 360 smart dash cam offers the following outstanding functionalities along with high-quality recording:

  • Loop recording to present data loss.
  • MicroSD memory card (up to 256 GB)
  • Cloud storage for permanent data backup.
  • Live video shareability on social media 
  • Amazing camera quality + the highest 360-degree camera recording. 


Bottom Lines:

We recommend the Vezo 360 dashcam to enjoy your trip to the fullest and in safety.

We want you to travel smart by suggesting the preferable dashcam, Vezo 360.

Choose smart>travel smart > choose vezo 360.