So far, dash cameras have advanced significantly. 360 cameras for cars with parking modes are now absolutely essential due to the way that technology has developed. Dash cams are an amazing tool for protecting your vehicle.

360 cameras for cars are effective products to use while traveling. You can catch some of the best footage of a long journey, a hostile driver, or any accident that occurs, which helps you with evidence when another driver tries to place the blame on you.

All this happens when we drive, but does any car security camera assure security in parking mode too?

Choosing a car security camera like the Vezo 360 car camera with a parking mode will help secure your vehicle even while you aren’t driving. When parked, a car dash cam will still be recording video. Advanced features like parking mode only offered by high-end dash cams for cars. 

With a 360 parking camera like Vezo 360, you can feel safe leaving your car unattended. Vezo 360 cam car also alerts you to any situations that might be life-threatening. When examining auto thefts, video evidence might be essential for substantiating police reports or confirming insurance claims.

In this blog, we will explore all the significant uses of parking mode in a dash cam and how smart dash cams like the Veso 360 work at every stage.

Vezo 360- all-time witnessing dash cam.

In its most basic form, a car dash cam is a closed-circuit camera for your automobile that has all the unique features needed to offer constant safety and security. In the event of any odd situations, it immediately alerts the driver after regularly monitoring the surroundings.

A cigarette adaptor usually powers a dash camera; however, this adaptor is inactive when the engine is off.

In fact, by connecting the hardwired power cord, you may power your 360 car camera using the vehicle’s battery. In this manner, even when the car is parked and the ignition is off, it will keep recording.

Additionally, there is a handy little kit that enables you to connect your 360 car camera straight to the fuse box of your car, enabling it to run off the battery without the need for the engine to be running.

These power adapters also include a built-in circuit breaker to prevent your car dash cam from completely draining the battery to the point where your car wouldn’t start.

You can put your 360 cam car in “Parking Mode” when it directly connected to the battery. When in parking mode, the dash cam will begin recording as soon as it notices movement. Therefore, the car mounted camera will detect motion and begin recording when someone approaches the vehicle.

When your car is parked and someone runs into it, this mode is quite effective. Since the car mounted camera can even record the offender’s license plate, you need to know there are no worries.

The dash cam with parking mode: Vezo 360.

Apparently, the sides of the car are where the majority of car accidents occur. The most effective tool is the 360 in car camera, which records even while the car is parked and can record in areas where regular car dash cam can only see the front and back of the vehicle. You can now have complete security for your vehicle when it is parked if it has Vezo 360 car camera. In and around your car, there may occasionally be a lot of undesirable activities happening that you are unaware of. 360 cameras for cars are especially useful for people who spend a lot of time away from their cars.

  • The dual dash cam ensures that every angle is caught, and Vezo 360’s superior imaging capability ensures that even under the most difficult conditions, premium videos and photographs will be captured. Each lens features a brilliant f/2.0 aperture with a 180-degree broad field of vision. To account for the lighting, its image processor uses multi-exposure HDR and 3D sound reduction. The camera’s huge 1/2.3′′ CMOS sensor provides precision in low light and permits high-quality images.
  • The Vezo 360 cameras for cars have long-lasting battery will allow it to run continuously for 24 hours. It constantly prepared to record everything that occurs in its immediate surroundings. With the support of 4G LTE technology, any incidents will send a notification to your smartphone, which allows you to review the recording. It will make it easier for you to quickly get to your parked automobile and prevent any damage.
  • A parked car is not always secure. It appears that another imprudent driver smashed your vehicle. In such situations, the Vezo 360 cam car will capture the details of the opposite vehicle. The evidence will assist you in identifying the driver. Every video will live in storage with loop recording and cloud storage.

Other benefits of Parking mode

Parking mode is helpful for many reasons:

  • All-time high-end protection that leads to mental peace
  • in hit-and-run accidents involving parked vehicles
  • If someone tries to harm a vehicle
  • For other traffic circumstances or biased parking tickets
  • Easy evidence for an insurance claim


Even under the most difficult circumstances, the 360-degree, high-quality recording system of the Vezo 360 cam car delivers excellent videos and photographs. It records in all directions by taking a 360-degree picture. The 360-degree parking mode on Vezo improves the customer experience and security.