Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)- 360 dash cameras have gained popularity with the advancement of vehicle technology. The collection of electronic devices makes up ADAS incredibly sophisticated and capable.

A prominent example of ADAS nowadays is the 360 dash camera, a sleek new piece of automotive technology that can enhance the driving experience. In addition to many other functions, advanced 360 dash cameras like the Vezo 360 provides solutions to an array of problems with 360 car security camera features, crime-deterrent LED lighting, auto accident detection, and many more.

Car models would have allowed us to witness this smart technology of 360 dash cam. Here are the specifics for those who haven’t heard. In this blog, we will discuss ADAS and how it works.

How does it work?

A car security camera is an easy-to-use and, in some situations, life-saving device that lets you record the road in front of you in 360-degree view as you drive. A 360 car camera is a sleek piece hardwired into your car. It uses the vehicle as its power source and starts recording when the engine turned on. The 360 cam car can capture video of any occurrence or circumstance, such as reckless driving or an accident. Everything done in 360-degree views as long as the camera turned on.

360 dash cameras are a better choice than other video recording technologies that aren’t specifically made for recording purposes. 360 cameras for cars, such as the Vezo 360, designed to capture high-quality video while your vehicle parked, in motion, during the day, or at night. When mounted on the windshield or any convenient place, it will automatically save videos when a collision is detected. A car security camera like the Vezo 360 doesn’t require you to manually start, pause, or save recordings. Dash cams protect you in the event of accidents, insurance fraud, or other unforeseen events. In a 360-degree view, device-saved recordings can frequently be transferred to the cloud for storage. With evidence, you can easily share it with insurance companies, the police, or others after an incident.

How Long Can a Dash Cam record?

Keep in mind that a good 360 dash cameras won’t instantly stop recording once the memory card is full, even if it has a limited recording period. The majority of high-quality cameras offer continuous loop recording, including Vezo 360, which means that when their storage is full, they start recording over the most recent material. Videos that have been manually locked and saved for emergencies do not disappear. This makes it possible to record videos in practically definite quantities without worrying about where to store the data. For road trips or other occasions, a bigger SD memory card advised.

Additionally, cloud video management is a feature of the Vezo 360 cam car, which makes it simple to upload your recorded videos to cloud storage. This makes it simple to edit and distribute footage as needed while also freeing up space on your camera’s SD card.

How do you get access to recorded footage?

However, depending on whether your camera is Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled. Your options for viewing 360 car camera footage may vary. Most include a removable SD card. which you can use to copy the necessary files onto and then view the dash cam footage by taking the memory card out of the camera and inserting it into an SD card reader connected to your computer. You will be able to upload videos to the cloud and watch them on your smartphone or other device using the Vezo mobile app. Camera for cars like the Vezo 360 cam car comes with a mobile application that makes accessing all recordings easy. If your camera can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you can more easily store and share your dash cam footage from anywhere with cloud storage.

Best 360-degree capturing dash cam

The Vezo 360 car security camera has two cameras that record the front as well as the rear of the vehicle in 360 degrees. The two distinct lenses make sure that 360-degree images and video are captured. With the Vezo 360 car camera, all sides of your car—front and back—are essentially protected.

The Vezo 360 in car camera has the ability to continuously record videos. It basically means that the dash cam records newer video files while automatically erasing older ones.

Even in the most challenging circumstances, Vezo 360’s outstanding imaging structure guarantees clear, sharp insights and the best-ever images. A f/2.0 hole with a broad 180-degree field of vision featured at each camera point of convergence. Its image processor masters everything about using 3D fuss reduction, multi-introduction HDR, and scenery enlightenment. Excellent images and clarity are possible even in low light because of the wide 1/2.3′′ CMOS sensor.


360 in car camera are the best car security equipment due to their extensive feature set and stylish design. The benefit of having a 360 dash camera is that it grants a vehicle a safe zone. The Vezo 360 cam car delivers everything you need if you’re looking for an HD car dash camera.