Dash cams are excellent devices when you are driving, right?

You can record some of the best footage of a long drive, you can capture a jerk driver, any mishap on the road, and you are protected if you are involved in an accident and the other driver tries to blame you instead.

But all of that is done while you are driving.

And what about, when your car is turned off?

At the point when your vehicle is off, you aren’t in your vehicle and likely haven’t closed it. What will happen to your car when you are away due to work for 8 hours? Or when you are sleeping at night? Or when you have left it in the parking lot of the mall, while you are busy shopping on a holiday.

There is a dash cam for that, too.

The new premium 360 parking camera can be set up to record when your vehicle is off, as well, converting it into a surveillance system.

There is a real problem of people vandalising the car at night. With the dash cam, it can be found out, who the culprit is? And also, you can identify the faces of the offenders.

So how do you get the dash cam started?

Generally, a dash cam is powered by a cigarette adaptor, but this adaptor does not function when the car is off.

In fact, you can use the car’s battery to power your dash cam by connecting the hardwired power cable. In this way, it will continue to record even though the vehicle is parked and turned off.

And also, there is a handy little kit available, that allows you to connect your dash cam directly to the vehicle’s fuse box, which helps it to run directly from the battery, so the vehicle doesn’t need to be on.

These power adaptors additionally have an in-built breaker, so that, your dash cam does not discharge the battery to the point that your vehicle does not start.

When you have your car dash cam directly connected to the battery, you can set it to “Parking Mode”. In parking mode, the dash cam will start recording whenever it detects motion. So, when somebody comes near the car, the dash cam will detect the motion and start to record.

This mode is exceptionally helpful when your vehicle is parked and somebody hits the vehicle. The dash cam can even capture the car number plate of the offender, so you are secured.

Using the dash cam wirelessly

There are dash cams, which can be viewed remotely on your cell phone or PC utilizing the cloud service apps. If the vehicle is parked in a Wi-Fi zone or the vehicle has an internal Wi-Fi, the dash cams can be monitored irrespective of the car’s location. If the vehicle is nowhere near the Wi-Fi connection or does not have an internal Wi-Fi, then you can still watch your dash cams remotely from your phone, provided you are within the 30 meters range from the car or your dash cam has 4g connectivity. Vezo 360 by ArVizon is one such product which is 4g enabled. Be connected, stay secure.