Vehicle insurance agencies are slow in adapting to new technology.

They need proof that an item, regardless if it is the airbags, an impact-avoiding device or a dashcam that helps decrease the mishaps. Therefore, reimbursement Sometimes takes a while.

According to the data, that shows a specific safety gadget will save the vehicle insurance agencies money, they start to offer discounts to the clients. This gives the dash cam users some hope. Some of the vehicle insurance companies may offer their clients, a discount of 10 to 15 % if a dashcam is installed in their vehicles.

Owning an automotive dash cam not only brings down your vehicle insurance rates, but also the recording that the camera gives may turn out priceless in some circumstances.

1. Have the proof of the accident

More often than not, the drivers have a completely different memory and account of an accident. You can save yourself from being found guilty by the vehicle insurance agency. But you have to provide the video proof from the dashcam.

2. Give the ticket a miss

Violating the traffic regulations will give you points on your driving record. And raise your vehicle insurance rates. If you have the video proof of no wrong doing, you can avoid the ticket in the court, and save yourself from nasty vehicle insurance surcharge.

3. Helps in fighting insurance fraud

If you feel that, the accident you were involved in, or have witnessed, could be a “crash for cash,” then you can always show the dash cam footage to the insurance agencies, or to the State insurance fraud unit, to get to the bottom of the accident. If a fraudster is caught in a staged accident, then the insurance rates are indirectly reduced.

4. Makes you a better driver

If you are a better driver, then your driving record should be good, which can lead you to get a decent driver discount, A decent driver discount is a standout amongst the best vehicle insurance discounts to have, since it could be up to 25 percent, and can extend to cover the majority of your vehicle expenses.

5. Review the driving skills of your teenage kid

Drivers younger than 25 years have probably the most astounding vehicle insurance rates. It is because they are less experienced in driving a car, which leads to accidents and causes claims. Anything you can do to shield your young driver from getting in a mishap, or from getting a ticket, both of which will undoubtedly give you some relief from the insurance companies side.

Set up a time to review the dash cam recording to see where your child can improve? and take your teen to hone those driving skills. A teenager’s 1st month in the driver’s seat is commonly more unsafe than his 6th,” says an insurance expert. “Whatever you can do to make those initial couple of miles safe is important.”

6. Keep a watch on your unattended vehicle

Most dashboard cameras have a feature that enables you to turn it on standby, which allows the dash cam to turn on, only if it senses motion in and around the car. In case, someone breaks into your car or hits your car and flees, you can review the dash cam recording and find the culprit.

If you are unable to find the culprit on your own, then you can show the footage to the insurance agency and find how the damage was done?