In recent days, dash cams have become a common and useful element for car owners, when it comes to safety and security. Today with the help of technology, surveillance for cars has also evolved and become automatic. This article will deal with the best 360-degree camera from Arvizon which is the best 360 dash cam in the market right now for 360-degree surveillance.

Vezo 360 Degrees Dash Cam For Complete Car Security

Quality of the dash camera is worth sharing

The front and rear camera has 4K video capturing capabilities with ultra high-definition video quality. Moreover, it has cloud storage which helps to maintain back up along with storing new videos.

360 degree dual lens camera set-up

Other regular dash cams have a simple view, whereas the Vezo 360 will give the user a comprehensive picture. With an Omni view camera, all you get is the best-captured view of the front, rear and the sides.


I bet you thought coffee can keep you awake at night, but then technology has taken over and Vezo 360 will help you to stay alert while driving long distances. It is equipped with AI which will assist you to not fall asleep while driving.

Highly Protected

With the help of auto-detection of obstacles, the camera will help to prevent accidents and uncertainties where the driver will be more alert about the same. This dash camera will be effective for amateur drivers as well, as they can determine and follow the right driving procedure.

Ease of Installation

Vezo 360-degree dash cam can easily be installed with a magnetic mounting base and comprises of an action camera mode as well, to record all the actions in higher speeds.
These were some of the unmatched features of Vezo 360-degree front and a rear dash cam. To know more scroll down.

Vezo 360 in Detail

Vezo 360, 2 way dash cam offers a complete surround-view of the car for the user. Along with this, the camera also flaunts an amazing night vision and offers Ultra-High Definition videos and images and operates brilliantly on advanced low light conditions. To get sharp and clear videos, Vezo 360 is the best front and rear dash cam for 2019. With automatic accident and sleep sensors, it is one of the unique dash cams which are developed in recent times. Technology along with ideas is bringing such amazing devices, which is not only helping humans to be more alert but also anticipates trouble to a great extent.
When it comes to power management, Vezo 360 comes along with high capacity batteries and is able to protect your unattended vehicle for long hours without any disruptions. The dash camera is able to capture everything that takes place in your front, back and the sides. Moreover, the captured images and videos can be stored in cloud storage and have a capability of recording footages in 4K.
You can now know, show and preserve events that are important. Leave your car and go for work without any worries, as the new vezo 360-degree front and rear dash cam will protect it from any unwanted damage and mishaps. Even if your car undergoes any event, you can easily identify what went wrong and check all the evidence with clear cut images and videos.