The demand for the best affordable surveillance cameras for dashboard is rising every other day. Keeping in mind about the crimes and other factors leading to a car’s safety Arvizon has probably crafted the best dash cam for your car. The Vezo 360 is a modern dashcam that comes with a lot of exclusive features packed in it. These features help the dash cam from Arvizon stand out from the rest.

So be it claiming your policy return from your car’s insurance provider or lodging a perfect police complaint in case of car theft, everything will be free from hassle when you have visual evidence supporting your case. Dash cam like the Vezo 360 apart from providing all the features that a conventional dash cam provides, has a lot of other exciting features in it.

The dash cam from Arvizon has a parking mode in it which assists the driver in parking the car. It also comes equipped with an AI which is capable of constantly monitoring the driver’s sitting conditions and send an alert immediately if it senses any abnormalities with the driver’s sitting behavior. The dash cam also functions like any other regular 360-degree camera as it has a two-lens camera setup.

Vezo 360 – The Best Affordable Dash Cam

The price to performance ratio is crucial for any electronic gadget in that case. Hence for a dash cam, the situation is no different at all. Consumers look for products that provide the best value for money, and with the revolutionary dash cam from Arvizon finding the best value for money is a guarantee. Along with offering everything that conventional dash cam has in offer, the Vezo 360, 2 way dash cam is capable of doing a lot more as said earlier.

The upcoming sections of the blog will have a detailed overlay of some of the exclusive features the dash cam has in it.

Exclusive features of The Vezo 360

The current generation requires a dash cam that is compelling in every perspective and hence the creators Arvizon have developed the best affordable dash cam packed with stunning features which a camera for your car must-have.
  • 360-Degree Video and Image Capturing
  • 4K UHD Video Recording
  • Easy Mount Adjustment
  • LED for Crime Detection
  • Park Assist
  • Loop Video Recording
  • 4G LTE SIM Support
  • Auto Accident Prevention
  • AI Sleep Prevention Alerts
  • Dedicated Mobile Application and Social Sharing

Few Exclusive Features | In-Detail

  • 360 Degree Camera: The Vezo 360 by Arvizon is a dash cam with a two lens camera setup in it. Both the camera captures 180-degree of the image individually, and then the dash cam’s stitching algorithm stitches the data available from both the lenses simultaneously to provide a single 360-degree image. Hence what you get is authentic 360-degree video footages of your car at all times. Along with that, the dash cam is also capable in functioning like a regular 360-degree camera allowing the user to click stellar photographs while out on a road-trip.
  • 4K Recording: The Vezo 360 dual dash cam records it all and above all captures it in 4K UHD. Probably one out of the several dashcams available at the market right now sports this feature.
  • Precise Mount Adjustment: There is nothing as simple as the Vezo 360 when it comes down to assembling the dash cam into your car. Also, the dash cam from Arvizon has a magnetic base which makes removing the dash cam for charging and for other data transfer related purpose comparably easy.
  • Park Assist: The parking mode of the Vezo 360 assists the driver in parking the car. Unlike any other dash cam, it is the only one available right to support the feature.

Final Words

Now that you have come across so many impressive and exclusive features of the Vezo 360, it will be simple for you to understand that it is easily the best affordable dash cam available in the market right now.