In today’s world of theft and robbery, it is essential to put up a camera inside the car. Otherwise, there will be no evidence of what’s going on. Whether its theft or you might have forgotten anything inside, nothing will be spared from the eyes of a camera. Therefore, we welcome our new product Vezo 360, a car surveillance camera which suffices not only your car needs but also retains a 360-degree view. Technology and innovation have never let us down and Vezo is a straight example for that.

Vezo 360 Degrees Camera for Car Security and Surveillance

Shield your car with a 360 car camera system along with smart wireless features, easy to set up and has a beautiful design. Let us have a look at the hi-tech highlights of the most efficient surveillance camera.

360 Degrees Video and Photo

The camera helps you to take amazing captures from inside the car. Moreover, it can also record videos with high quality. Nothing will seem to refrain from the lens of Vezo 360. All angles can take a roundabout view of the entire car and give you a comprehensive image of the circumstances.

4K Recording

The camera sports a 4K recording technology with ultra HD. Endless moments can be captured. With a high powered battery, constant monitoring is possible. Moreover, there are motion sensors for automated detection.

AI Sleep Prevention Alert

Many accidents take place due to sleeping habits in long journeys. Now, you can get rid of the tension with Vezo 360 dash cam for car. Alerts are necessary when people travel for long journeys. Sleeping is inevitable and so does accidents, therefore, if you want to protect your car from any mishap, then install the Vezo 360-degrees dash cam.

4G LTE Support

In the digital era, without 4G support, nothing is possible, and that’s why Vezo 360 is completed equipped with 4G LTE connectivity. With a faster connection, you can regulate the camera with your phone and keep a track of what is happening in your car. In addition to this, you can also experience optional live notification.

Auto Accident Support

At times, cars face a lot of accidents on the streets, but then, with the help of the 360 dash cam you can refrain from mishaps and save yourself. The sides of the car are always affected by accidents, and regular dash cams are equipped with only taking into account the front or back, but Vezo 360 covers the sides too. They have a dual angle lens which helps to seamlessly record the complete surrounding of the car.

Wireless Connectivity

The use of a micro SD card is outdated, Vezo 360 easily transfers the video files with the help of a dedicated application to your smartphone.

Stay In Touch With Your Car When You Are Away

Along with all the hi-tech features mentioned above, the dash camera sports a loop video recording feature. Unlike any other dash cams available in the market, the loop recording technology disallows the loss of data from the memory. At times, when the memory is full, it will automatically delete the old videos to capture and store the newer ones. Additionally, with cloud storage, you can be sure that the data has a secure backup.