With the increasing number of automobile thefts in recent days, the requirement for the best dash cam for car is extremely essential. It’s not only about car robbery, however, things that add up to a car’s safety considerations conjointly demands a dash cam which will pack all sort of boss features in it. Therefore the champion contender in this category by a fair margin will be the all-new Vezo 360 from Arvizon.

We will look into the features that the dash cam has out of the box and explain each of them briefly to support the best dash cam for car tagline. A dash cam itself is a very important element that should be there in the dash of every car. Be it someone stealing your car or be it the insurance company delaying your policy claim procedure. After you have shown videos and pictures as real evidence, things will get easier for both sides. On the other hand, the Vezo 360 besides recording brilliant videos and snapping photos contains a ton of additional features that are first-in-class.

What if I tell you that the dash cam from Arvizon comes equipped with an AI that constantly monitors the movements and behavior of a driver and sends in sleep prevention alerts, isn’t it absolutely mesmerizing? Well, there are also a lot of other benefits that the Vezo 360 dash cam is capable of providing. It’s a little beast which assures that your car is safe and guarded always. With what it has got to offer, it’ll soon become the benchmark of dash cams within the industry.

Vezo 360 – The Best Dash Cam for Car

Before listing out the features straight away, it is always better to talk a little more about the things that make the Vezo the best 360 dash cam for car. Unlike any other dash cam in the market, the dash cam from arvizon has features like Parking Mode, Crime Deterrent LED, Loop Video Recording, Easy and Precise Mount Adjustment and as a brownie point, the dash cam is also capable in functioning like any other regular 360 vision camera.

The latter ensures that you are never going to miss out on clicking scenic landscapes while on a road trip. Above all the 360 degree photos taken from the Vezo 360 are going to be in 360-degree vision, therefore when you share them at social media platforms embrace for people flooding it with likes.

Exclusive Features of the Best Dash Cam for Car

  • Wireless: Arvizon has made it clear that the Vezo 360 is officially going to be an entirely wireless dash cam associating no wires or cables in it. The dash cam stores all the recorded videos and images in a microSD card.
  • Loop Video Recording: A feature that effectively makes the Vezo 360 a brilliant dash cam is loop video recording. In simpler terms, the dash cam is going to delete older video files from its storage to record the newer ones. How cool is this? Moreover, a user can also back up the older data from the dash cam to a cloud storage facility available from the makers Arvizon.
  • 360 Degree Videos and Photos: The Vezo 360 is a dash cam which has a two lens mount setup. Each of the lenses covers 180-degree vision in front of them, and the smart algorithm of the dash cam stitches the data available from both the lenses to provide an immersive 360-degree image as the final product.
  • Parking Mode: Another feather in the cap for the Vezo 360 is that the dashcam from Arvizon comes with a parking mode in it which assists the driver in parking the car.

Final Words

After coming across just a few features of the Vezo 360, we can easily declare it as the best dash cam for car. Well, apart from all these features there are a lot more that The Vezo 360 is capable of doing as a dash cam. Easily the best car dash cam option available right now.